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The best live entertainment experiences delivered to you.

Charlotte, NC's central hub for music and entertainment, lifting up the community one "best" entertainment experience at a time.

Upcoming Shows

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Featured Event:

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It's a mashup of hip-hop and R&B's past, present, and future, featuring the hits and legends from throughout. An interactive experience for the old and new ages.

On Stage

Rozzelles Ferry Landing

A new and now open live music and cultural campus that features four hotspots - Mel's, That Little House, The Hub, The Landing - in Charlotte's 5 Points Neighborhood.

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Partner Opportunities

A network of creatives, brands, and businesses. Whether through event or project collaboration, marketing and production services, or a more formal brand partnership, we aim to be connected within our community and to help connect across our community.

Across 30+ years within the industry, we have been 100% committed to providing our guests with premier experiences from beginning to end and to curating opportunities for diverse individuals to connect under the same sound.

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